Semmel Exhibitions, Marvel Themed Entertainment, and Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) present an exhibition celebrating Marvel’s artistic and cultural impact. For audiences around the world, the name Marvel conjures up images of one thing: super heroes. Whether through the vibrant colours of comic books, or the all-consuming brilliance of the big screen, Marvel characters have captured imaginations for over 80 years, catapulting readers into a vibrant universe of characters and stories that defy belief, yet are relatable and deeply human. And now, with Marvel Studios’ film and TV productions becoming worldwide blockbusters and comic books finally being widely recognized as a vital part of our visual culture, there has never been a better moment for an exhibition that tells the intertwined stories of Marvel’s rise from small publisher to multimedia giant, the company’s iconic costumed characters, and the creators that forged this universe of imagination. More than one million guests have attended Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes through the end of 2021, delighting in viewing one-of-a-kind artifacts (including original comic book art, costumes and props from movies and TV, and extensive behind-the-scenes material), interacting with multimedia elements, posing alongside life-size representations of heroes, exploring Marvel‘s heritage, and immersing themselves in the characters and culture of the Marvel Universe. This show offers something for everyone, be they casual fans or seasoned collectors, pop culture enthusiasts, families with children, or anyone who has been inspired by the timeless tales and cosmic conflicts of Marvel’s comics, films, and TV shows. Berlin’s Studio TK has fashioned an immersive environment that reflects the elements on display, fashioning galleries that place guests in classic comic book settings and give a first-person view of the super hero’s world, while a soundscape by renowned composer Lorne Balfe underscores the entire thrilling experience. The project also boasts an outstanding curatorial team: Professor Benjamin Saunders is chief curator of the show, and created the outline in close collaboration with Professors Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan – all three are renowned scholars and instructors who specialize in the fields of comics and graphic storytelling. MoPOP curators Brooks Peck and Jacob McMurray, comic book writers Ann Nocenti and Danny Fingeroth, and comics scholar Andrea Gilroy completed the developmental team, with cultural historian Patrick A. Reed assuming the ongoing role of curatorial and marketing associate. Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes is a co-production of Semmel Exhibitions, Marvel, and MoPOP. The exhibition premiered in Seattle in April 2018 and has since traveled to venues throughout the US and Canada, bringing audiences an unparalleled perspective on the stories behind the super heroes, and creating a whole new way to experience Marvel’s enduring legacy. For more information, please visit


Charlotte, May 23 – January 24
Seattle, April 18 – January 19
Philadelphia, April 19 – September 19
Edmonton, October 19 – February 20
Dearborn, July 20 – January 21
Chicago, March 21 – October 21
Columbus, November 21 – September 22
Portland, September 22 – April 23


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